Brave 6-Year-Old Stands Up At Wedding And Belts Out A Song That Had Everyone On Their Feet


A video of a young girl’s very special performance at a wedding not only won over everyone who was in the room but also all the peope who viewed it. Little Anya Ottley, who was bravely fighting cancer, took to the dance floor at the event to perform Rachel Platten’s hit “Fight Song” and the lyrics couldn’t have been more personal and moving.

Anya’s family first knew something was wrong when she came home unusually exhausted from a friend’s party. When she laid down to rest, her parents noticed a lump bulging out of her stomach. They rushed her to the doctor where tests revealed a giant tumor in her stomach cavity that was approximately the size of a small melon.

Anya had to start her treatment the same day she was diagnosed and underwent surgery on her stomach to remove her left kidney. She proved throughout it all that she was a fighter, even cutting her hair and donating it to make a wig, though she doesn’t wear one herself.

Her mom Kathryn told the Manchester Evening News: “She knew something was wrong and she did ask me if she was going to make it, which was heartbreaking… She tells me her treatments aren’t too bad for her and that other children on the ward are much more sick. She is really caring like that.”

After undergoing 28 rounds of treatment, Anya mustered her strength to take to the dance floor at a wedding reception and deliver a touching performance of “Fight Song.”

Her Uncle Aidan posted the video on Facebook and shared it on YouTube and it quickly went viral.

Watch as Anya, wearing a blue dress, strikes a power pose at the beginning of the song and doesn’t hold back on delivering a powerful rendition of the tune, pouring herself into every word of it, with the lyrics “I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me” being especially poignant.

Her mom and some others rise to stand behind Anya in support towards the end, with everyone wiping away tears for the little girl’s especially touching delivery of the song.

Her uncle noted in the YouTube video description: “What can I say about this AMAZING little WARRIOR -—ANYA OTTLEY! You’ve got this! You WILL ring the bell! And you WILL win your fight. You are totally AMAZING and we are all sooo PROUD of you and your COURAGE. Love you to the stars and back BEAUTIFUL lady. Anya bravely donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust and also raised over £20,000 for the charity. Anya adores Little Mix, if anyone knows how to get in touch with them, it would be great if she got to meet them!”

Among the many comments her uncle received on the Facebook post of Anya’s performance were those who were moved by the young girl’s strength and bravery, with notes such as “she is so beautiful,” “keep fighting gorgeous girl,” and “Bless her, what a little hero, she’s an inspiration to us all.”

Another commenter added: “You got this and your voice and courage and strength is amazing.”


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