Clint Eastwood Is Making A Comeback At 88 Years Old, And His Fans Are Ecstatic


For the first time in six years, Clint Eastwood is returning to the silver screen. With his appearance in The Mule, Clint Eastwood is expected to wow America with his talent and veteran actor status. But Eastwood did not just act in the anticipated movie, he also directed it and produced it. Talk about a triple threat! The movie hit theaters on December 14, and Clint Eastwood goes back to his roots playing an anti-hero.

Eastwood’s character smuggles drugs into America. The movie is based on real-life events and follows the life and exploits of Leo Sharp, an elderly drug smuggler. Bradley Cooper plays the “evil” DEA agent Colin Bates who wants to put Sharp’s criminal life to bed once and for all.

Sharp was arrested for trafficking drugs in 2011 at the age of 87. Although he was up there in years, Sharp was still an entrepreneur looking to exploit Americans and play upon the rising trend of drug addiction across the country.

The movie trailer starts with a scene when Sharp opens up the trunk of his car and examines the massive green bags of white powder. Even Sharp, who is selling these drugs to American youth, is shocked by how much he is carrying.

Although Sharp tries to charm the police officer who stopped him, he can’t fool the drug-sniffing dog that starts barking furiously.

“Family is the most important thing,” Sharp explained via voiceover, “Don’t do what I did. I put work in front of family.”

In other words, Sharp was willing to perpetuate America’s addiction to hard drugs in exchange for his family.

The film trailer flashes over several parts of Sharp’s life including how he was not a good family man when it mattered. “I was a terrible father” he speaks as we watch footage of his daughter’s wedding.

Then Sharp admits, “I was a terrible husband.” And we all know what that means.

Bradley Cooper is the DEA agent who will bring Leo Sharp down. Because Sharp is smuggling illegal drugs in the United States, he deserves the punishment coming to him.

Sharp understands he is not a good person. “I didn’t deserve forgiveness,” he says. “This is the last one. So help me God.”

Leo Sharp was a World War II Veteran who sold his soul to a Mexican drug cartel to make a few bucks.

You can watch the trailer below. Millions of others have since it was published Thursday. Here’s what other viewers like you thought about it.

“I see Mr. Eastwood – I press like. He is a living legend, I’m so happy to have another movie with him in it! Much love to Mr. Eastwood!”

“Clint Eastwood returns to film directing/acting!!”

“I love how only Clint Eastwood’s name is mentioned in the trailer. Not even Bradley Coopers’. It actually made sense. I wouldn’t care less if Leo, Pitt or others were there too. Eastwood is there.”

Are you going to see The Mule in theaters? Ready for another Clint Eastwood flick?


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