Dolphin Succulents Are The Most Adorable Plants You’ll Ever See


If you’re like me and can’t keep a plant alive, maybe it’s because you’ve been picking the wrong kinds.

I’ve grown to love having succulents around my home and even on my desk at work. Like any plant, they enhance the air around you by providing oxygen and removing airborne pollutants, but the best thing about succulents is that they don’t require a lot of work.

These plants can survive under rough conditions, so they don’t need much care to thrive, making them perfect for those of us who often forget to water the plants or feed the soil.

George Hodan/Public Domain Picture

In recent years, succulents have become quite trendy. They’re a big part of the Millennial plant clichés that are so prevalent on social media, and who can blame them? Not only are these plants low-maintenance, they also come in all sorts of pretty shapes, colors, and textures.

Recently, it’s Senecio peregrinus, a succulent with a bunch of tiny leaves that resemble tiny dolphins jumping in the air, that has captured everyone’s attention.

Also known as Dolphin Succulent, the unique plant easily adds a touch of whimsy to your space without much effort.

Dolphin succulent

According to Garden Know How, the plant is a hybrid – a cross between hot dog cactus and string of pearls. They are not usually available at nurseries, but there are specialty growers who sell them online.

Dolphin succulent

These plants grow up to 15 cm in height, and some will even produce “small, starry pink flowers” over time.

A dolphin succulent with flowers

They require brightness, but not direct light and need to be kept in a well-draining pot so the soil doesn’t retain excess moisture. They go dormant in the cooler months, and will only need to be watered once a month during that time.

All you need to grow a dolphin succulent is one single leaf. Place it in damp soil and it’ll develop roots in no time.

Dolphin succulent

If you’re a fan of plants that resemble animals, then you’d probably go crazy for Rabbit Succulents.

These plants, scientifically known as Monilaria obconica, have been all the rage in Japan and it’s not hard to see why. They’re incredibly cute and look like they have little bunny ears.

Rabbit succulent
Seeds Cactus


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