Doctors Can’t Control Their Excitement Over Rare Birth They Finally Caught On Film


Every baby is born in this world with a special purpose; to bring happiness and love to their family. Miracles happen every single day but not many of us have the bragging rights who can proudly say that we have the first-hand experience with miracle happening in our lives. One woman can definitely say that she did not have only one miracle, but three when she gave birth to rare triplets!

This was so rare that the doctors knew that they might not be able to experience this kind of miracle in their lifetime.

Thankfully, this unique birth was recorded on video by Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho. Surely once you saw the video, you too will be surprised when you lay eyes on this little girl who seems like she is not ready to experience the outside world yet. This is a very private moment but can also be very sensitive for other viewers.

The baby that we are talking about here is Baby Adeline, born ‘en-caul. ’ This means that when she was out of her moms’ womb, she was still safely tucked inside her amniotic sac. This is easy though because a single pop from the doctor will open up the birthing sac and release Baby Adeline. Her brother Joaquin was also born with his own intact sac but he was quickly freed.

However, with Adeline, she was still very asleep when she was born and the doctor did not want to rush her just yet. Even though Adeline was encouraged by many hands present in the delivery room, she just wasn’t ready to open up her eyes yet.

According to statistics, 1 in every 80,000 births are ‘en-caul’ and the majority of them are delivered earlier than expected. For these babies case, the doctors consider them a good thing because experts believe that being delivered still intact in their sac can help protect these preemies against the strong contraction while mom is delivering.

As shown on the video, the amniotic sac is almost crystal clear so everyone can clearly see what’s it like for the baby when they are still inside the womb. The viral video clip shows that one of the nurses tries to tickle Adeline’s feet but that was not enough to wake the slumbering girl.

That was fine though because at least we are able to see how she squirms and wiggles while still inside her sac.

The doctor shared the video on Instagram and when translated the doctor tells how excited he was to share to everyone that they birthed the triplets. According to the doctor, Joaquin was born veiled, a situation where the water or the sac does not break naturally. This alone excited them but when they saw Adeline, she was born ‘en caul’ and this left them admiring her while she slept soundly. The doctor also wrote:

“We stayed (that way) for seven minutes observing her behavior as if it were still inside her belly. It’s the magic of life.”

It may have taken some time for Adeline to get herself ready to face the world but everyone was amazed and blessed to be able to experience and witness this wonderful birth miracle. For a tiny baby, she already knows how to put on the first performance of her life, even before she was born!


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