She Was Far Behind The Other Runners. Then We Heard Her Dad Say These Five Words From The Stands


Children are familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare. The pair decides to race, and the animals ran at their natural pace. Everyone thought the hare was going to win because it was such a faster animal. But as the race went along, the hare grew tired of the long distance and stopped for a rest, while the tortoise continued to chug along and make it over the finish line before the fast hare.

This video is just like that. Although the runner in the story started in the last place, she continues to go as fast as she can, building up speed throughout the race. The video was filmed in Simi Valley, California.

The race is 400 meters long, which is the full length of the track. Although the young runner remains behind the others. She continues to go for it, and give her best race possible. Then the other contestants, all who considered themselves “hares” in the proverbial race, begun to wane in their speed and eventually tire off and slow. That’s when the girl in last place begins to take the lead. Before long, she’s passing her opponents although no one thought she was capable of doing that.

As the young runner gains on her peers, they turn and flash looks of surprise on her. The tortoise in the race was named Alison, and her running quickly catches the attention of the other runners.

Not long after passing the first opponent, Alison takes off and runs for the win. She passes all the other runners, and then during the last stretch of the race, she passes the final runner, and cross the line in first place.

After Alison crossed the finish line, a man can be heard speaking on camera, asking, “Did she just win?”

It really is quite a remarkable victory given that Alison was so far behind her peers throughout the challenge.

Some viewers on Daily Mail were extremely impressed with her victory.

“She is from the planet Krypton and our yellow sun gives her amazing powers!”

“That is some excellent pacing. Nice win.”

Other readers believed it was par for the course.

“Not to be a DougieDowner but, if you ever watched a track meet, this is normal. She was at the back because she was on the inside lane. She didn’t run any farther than the rest of the girls. Not really international newsworthy but, she is a hell of a finisher.”

“The diameter of a large circle is longer than the diameter of a smaller circle. Similarly, the circumference of a large circle is longer than the circumference of a smaller circle. Yes. It is difficult to grasp, but keep trying.”

Although it is expected for Alison to appear behind the other racers because she started in the inside lane, watching her run to victory is amazing. It is wonderful seeing her use her skills to impress so many people.


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